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Ham Radio

UPDATE for Def Con 24!

Have you been thinking about getting your Ham Radio license? Going to be at DEF CON 24? Get your license at DEF CON! Walk in testing available Friday and Saturday of DEF CON. Check our DEF CON forum post for the latest information on Ham Radio exams at DEF CON. If you're an accredited VE and want to help with testing we'd love to add you to the team. Just fill out this form to help us with scheduling.


Security isn't the only thing we talk about. Many of our members are active ham radio operators.

This past year dc408 started offering ham radio licensing exams in the Bay Area. There were many in the security and tech industry who wanted to learn more about ham radio but didn't know how to test or didn't know anyone who was already licensed. We have not only used dc408 to introduce local hams in the security industry to each other but we have gotten members excited about ham radio and continue to do regular testing so more people can get in on the fun.

Along with the local testing, dc408 also ran the ham radio testing at Def Con 23 in Vegas last year.

Interested in testing and looking for a study guide? Here are a few we like.

  • The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual by AARL - Straight from AARL, this is a great source if you want to learn more about all the various areas you will be asked about as well as prepare this is a great book.

  • No-Nonsense Study Guides by Dan Romanchik (KB6NU) - As the title suggests, this is a well written and concise guide that has helped quite a few people pass the test. It lacks the verbosity of the AARL manual but allows a more focused study approach so that you can dig in deeper later.

  • Ham Radio Exam - Tech (iOS) by Roy Watson - Need a great app to test yourself before taking the exam? It has a study mode of correct answers, you can takes quizzes per section, and even take samepl tets to make sure you are ready. Several of our members have used this and highly endorsed it.
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